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01 May, 2013

Marantz: 60 years – a tribute to music. because music matters.

Marantz: 60 years – a tribute to music. because music matters.

This year, Marantz celebrates its 60th Anniversary. To mark the event, the company is launching a new network player, the NA-11S1: the first ever player to realize the full potential of very high-resolution new media. It enables users to playback downloaded high resolution files and create true ‘studio master’ quality audio, right in their own living room. And alongside the NA-11S1, is the Marantz Consolette: the first ever Wireless Streaming Speaker for audiophiles. These are both “firsts of their kind”, and are powerful examples of the type of breakthrough innovation that Marantz is famous for - throughout its 60-year history. But how can just one company continuously break the mold of what is possible, so consistently, and for so long?

“The answer lies in our sign-off,” says T.H. Kim, Asia Pacific Region President. “On every piece of printed literature we publish, on every website, and every advert, we state ‘because music matters’. But this is not just a slogan, a piece of marketing. It is a philosophy that has driven our company from the very beginning. And I believe it is what makes Marantz stand out from other audio solution manufacturers.”

Read more about the Marantz history in our full anniversary story [PDF] and explore it online: