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20 Nov, 2017

Marantz announces world’s first A/V Receivers with DTS Virtual:X® Technology

DTS Virtual:X will be available to Marantz customers as a free-of-charge firmware update.

DTS Virtual:X technology supports any input from simple stereo to a 7.1.4 layout (11.1 channels). The technology plays back an immersive experience over speaker layouts from 2.0 stereo up to 5.1 and even 7.1.

The DTS Virtual:X firmware update is available now on specific Marantz A/V receivers, including the Marantz NR1608 and Marantz SR5012. The update will roll out to the SR8012, SR7012, SR6012 and AV7704 in spring 2018. The firmware update underscores our constant mission to ensure that our products offer the best listening experience through the latest technologies, while also adding value for our existing and cherished customers.

For more information about DTS Virtual:X, check out this video