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12 Oct, 2017

Marantz sets new standards for music and movies with the flagship SR8012, its first - ever 11.2 - channel AV amplifier

This new model extends our acclaimed receiver line to new levels of performance and incorporates the very latest audio and video formats. It also futureproofs for forthcoming video formats. The SR8012 boasts advanced facilities including HEOS wireless multiroom integration., which is underpinned with the legendary Marantz audio design and engineering. Further audio performance enhancements have also been made with the inclusion of a copper plated chassis and toroidal transformer design, usually only found in our top-end stereo components.

With an 11.2-channel design, the SR8012 uses identical symmetrical monolithic amplifier modules to deliver 205W to each of its 11 channels, ensuring the power to drive even demanding speaker loads and perfect channel-matching for a truly integrated sound. This is all made possible by an oversized power supply designed to ensure the SR8012 always has plenty in reserve for even the most demanding soundtracks: it uses a shielded custom-built toroidal transformer, and high-current main capacitors also made to our exact specifications.

Able to handle a complete 7.1.4-channel 3D immersive sound system without the need for extra amplification, it’s the ideal choice for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D soundtracks, with a superbly precise, detailed and dynamic sound courtesy of powerful digital signal processing running on no fewer than four SHARC DSPs.

And being a Marantz, the SR8012 is designed to deliver with music too: network music streaming is integrated along with HEOS wireless multiroom, enabling it to become the hub of a complete whole-house sound system when used with HEOS speakers. Controlled by the HEOS app, it allows you to explore, browse and play music from your own network library, online streaming services and Internet radio. The SR8012 can also play music from Bluetooth and AirPlay portable devices, USB storage and of course analogue and digital sources.