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20 Sep, 2017

Class-leading CD player and amplifier get a touch of extra Marantz magic: the CD6006 and PM6006 UK Editions

Launched in 2016, the CD6006 and PM6006 won not just What Hi-Fi? five-star accolades, but also the EISA 2016-17 Award for Best European Stereo System, in recognition of their exceptionally high standards of performance and spectacular value for money. For the UK Editions, the audio tuning team has revisited these two models, improving components throughout to deliver even better sound. A new UK Edition logo was also designed to incorporate the Union Flag that sets them apart from the standard models.

Both the CD6006 and PM6006 were originally designed with selected audio components, but for the UK Edition model’s further enhancements have been made in sound-critical areas. This gives the new models even more performance, while also bringing the listener even closer to their favourite music by enhancing both dynamic ability and soundstage focus.

The tradition of Marantz Special Edition models stretches back more than 30 years: in 1986 Ken Ishiwata – now Marantz Brand Ambassador – developed the idea of taking existing models and tuning them to achieve maximum performance. His conviction was that even audio components within a lower price bracket could still be true Hi-Fi products in terms of sound quality, while also allowing them to remain affordable for newcomers of high-quality audio.