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20 Sep, 2017

HEOS enabled Marantz AV receivers support access to Amazon Music account.

Subscribers to Amazon Prime have access to two million songs, selected playlists and personal radio – all without ad interruptions. As an added bonus, Amazon Prime members also receive exclusive discounts. With the addition of Amazon Music Unlimited, you can discover even more music with over 40 million songs and up-to-date new releases available to choose from.

With HEOS, a wide range of Marantz AV receivers can access streaming services, along with Internet radio. They also have built in Apple Airplay and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity and can stream network music via Ethernet or built-in Wi-Fi. To top it off, the integrated HEOS wireless multiroom audio technology lets the receiver become part of a whole-house audio system. This allows you to connect with other HEOS products, from wireless speakers to HEOS-equipped amplifiers, enabling you to share network-stored music and streaming services all under the control of the intuitive HEOS app.

Support for your Amazon “My Music” collection is also coming soon to HEOS. Amazon “My Music” helps you add your personal music collection to My Music, so you can play it from all of your connected Amazon Music devices.