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15 Dec, 2015

"Marantz brings DTS:X to this year's upper- and premium-class home theatre AV products"

"The SR7010 and SR6010 AV Receivers as well as the AV8802A (AV8802) and AV7702mkII Pre-Amplifiers are already packed with the latest in audio and video processing technology, wireless connectivity and total ease-of-use. Now, Marantz delivers on its promise to upgrade the DTS:X-ready devices with full DTS:X capability.

The AV8802A will get the firmware update starting February 4th, while the other three models’ firmware will be delivered from March 3rd onwards. When connected to the Internet, the AV components will give an update notification once the firmware becomes available. Final dates are subject to change until final release. If a user has turned off the “automatic update” feature on their AVR, they should manually check for the availability dates. Full instructions can be found at Additional updates for current DTS:X-ready models will follow later in 2016."